Are you Okay?

A series of illustration for when you don’t know what you want to know…

Being a person who craves balance and perfection in everything I do whether at school-college-work-life-love, my OCD for everything in place doesn’t come handy all the time. It often brings up questions like ‘am I being too sensitive’, ‘am I thinking too much’…but that’s OKAY!

Sometimes or maybe often when you don’t know the answer to ‘Are you Okay?’, its OKAY. It is perfectly okay for you at the moment to envelope yourself in your own comfort. But the very first step to do that is to acknowledge the feeling itself.

In such a feeling when there is a rollercoaster of emotions, it is very important that you share. If not with anyone, share it with yourself. Start writing about it, or draw, do whatever makes you take it out; it will help in giving you clarity about your thoughts and declutter your mind. The first step to self-love is being fully aware and present to your emotions and experience.

But for now, its OKAY to NOT BE OKAY! (you love yourself anyway!)​​​​​​​

the one question you don't want to answer at all
it's OKAY to do nothing for a while
it's OKAY to stay in your cocoon...take your time to heal
it's OKAY to ask it out..speak it out..breathe...
it's will bloom with grace..believe...
it's OKAY...beYOUtiful

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