INKTOBER 2017— Everyday thoughts and ideas illustrated for 30 days
Happy lazy Sunday

Detox जल
Wandering at my desk, always
Phool Aur काँटे
Seven days to home. Can't wait
Jaipur missing
Adventure is just outside your window
Mondays are for coffee
But, dessert first
Mid-week tolls
Hai Na?
#classyandfabulous #AudreyHepburn
Semester 5✔️💯
Hi Home
Home Feels
Don't burn, be a pataka!!
Illustrating plants is always a good idea
In between mithais🍎🍏🙈😝
 Happy Places
When running late for inktober, plants to the rescue
Just Jaipur vibes
 If nothing would ever change, there would be no butterflies
Big fish.Small fish
मोर details
It's raining, it's pouring
Deewana hua बादल
Winter bowls🙃
Finals week soon
To plant is to believe in tomorrow

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